Traditional cleaning power at its best!

Before the advent of modern cleaning products, Soda Crystals, (previously known as Washing Soda), were the main product used for doing the cleaning and the laundry. Soda Crystals are a versatile one bag solution for all your cleaning needs! On top of that, being non-toxic and a naturally occurring mineral in parts of the world Soda Crystals have a sustainable environmental footprint and can help you save money, at the same time!

Soda Crystals are a great water softener as well as ideal for tackling dirt, grease and oil.

Using Soda Crystals in and around the home

Soda Crystals are extremely good value and have many uses. There are far too many to list on one page, so do refer to our supplier page for links.

  • Cleaning and deodorising the washing machine
  • Removing burnt on residue in pots and pans
  • Helping to keep sinks and drains fresh and blockage free
  • Grease removal in household cleaning and laundry
  • Removing moss and algae from paths & patios
  • Cleaning toilets as an alternative to common cleaners that are harmful to aquatic life.
  • Cleaning silver jewellery
  • Preparing wooden decking and garden furniture for re-treatment. Then use Liquid Soap to keep them clean.
  • And much more!!

If you are looking to use a disinfecting product, remember that it's always advisable to clean an area BEFORE you try to disinfect it. Don't be tempted to mix a cleaning product and a disinfectant at the same time as the former will reduce its effectiveness. You should never mix bleach with other products as it could be potentially dangerous.

A guide to Soda Crystals strengths:

Soda Crystals are best dissolved in warm water. In fact, the hotter the solution, the more effective it will be (especially if grease or oil is involved) - with the exception of blood stains, in which cool water is best.

The strength required depends on the application. As a guide, we recommend the following:

  • Mild - 1 tablespoon (20g) to one pint (500ml) of water
  • Regular - Half a cup (100g) to one pint (500ml) of water
  • Strong - 1 cup (200g) to one pint (500ml) of water

NB. Do not use soda crystals or liquid soda crystals on aluminium or lacquered surfaces.