Happy Larder Co. English Breakfast Tea (100g)

Happy Larder Co.s English Breakfast blend has been lovingly hand-selected for a rich, golden morning cup. A full-bodied, malty Assam perfectly balanced by the rich biscuity notes of a Kenyan CTC and a gentle mellow aromatic Kenyan orthodox tea. Great with or without milk, this full-bodied blend is full of character with a distinct, refreshing taste. The perfect start to the day.

Brewing Instructions:

1 tspn per cup

100 degrees C

3-5 minutes

Best served with a splash of milk, but equally lovely on its own.

For the best tea use fresh, filtered water. Each pot can be infused 2-3 times, simply add freshly boiled water.


Black tea.
Naturally contains caffeine.


Assam and Kenya.
Blended and packed in the UK.

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